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English text only / Article written for Rebel Femme Online Magazine


Are you planning your next vacation on a tropical island? Or are you just counting down the days to hit the beach for the upcoming summer?

Whatever your choice is, we know what you are thinking. And yes, we agree with you: there’s a need for an upgrade to the best bikini or/and one-piece swimsuit to show off your curves!

Our Rebel Femme team is happy to help you with the swimsuit shopping and made a selection of amazing up-and-coming sustainable swimwear brands to know, shop and love. Eco-friendly is not just a trend, but a real commitment to the environment, social responsibility, conscious manufacturing, slow fashion, quality.

Read on, there’s also a surprise for you, beautiful readers: an exclusive discount code you can use for your next purchase of one (or more) cool sustainable bathing suit(s)!

This eco-friendly swimwear brand is more than just a label, it’s a lifestyle at 360°. Monika Toth, Director of Undersea Bikini, beautifully states: “We have a global mission to inspire women to become conscious consumers and generous towards the environment. We believe that fashion should be fair, and luxury should automatically be about sustainability. Our aim is to put environmental responsibility at the heart of our brand, so we are using fabrics that will do no harm to our Planet. Let’s create a wave of change together and keep the ocean clean in style!”. Indeed, long-lasting, comfortable and fashionable products are designed to express feminine, sporty and sexy vibes, where cheeky bottoms, stylish tops and one-pieces flirt with a modern flair.

The high-quality materials used are Italian fabrics made from ECONYL®, which is a sustainable fibre made of 100% regenerated nylon deriving from discarded abandoned fishing nets and other nylon waste, rescued from the bottom of the seas. Moreover, hangtags are made from plantable seed papers, and the packaging is made of sustainable materials.

The circular process the brand lives by ends (and begins again) with the recycling of old Undersea Bikini items, that can be sent back at the office in Hungary to be reused again for a new production.

Undersea Bikini is totally involved in many partnerships. MANTA TRUST, is a great non-profit organization which supports the conservation of mobulid rays and a sustainable healthier marine ecosystem. This species is at risk, damaged by disrespectful human activities. Thus, with the purchase of a swimwear item, 10% of the price will be devolved to the association work, fighting the extinction of these magnificent creatures of the oceans. This brand is also collaborating with the non-profit organization, called ONE TREE PLANTED. It aims to the reforestation of the planet, focusing on social awareness, for the love of trees and the environment. Meaning: by shopping their bikini, there’s a donation of 1$ from the item price to the association, so it can plant a tree. In addition to these partnerships, the swimwear label takes care of the environment by activating fun beach clean-up events, open to everyone.

Undersea Bikini manifesto says ’Real babes recycle!’. So, let’s start from this: visit and use the discount code WELCOME10 for a 10% off on your next purchase!

One love for the ocean and environment. One global heart, to embrace a good cause: a real commitment to keeping the oceans' waste-free and towards a healthier environmental future. This is the mission of Philippa Brenninkmeyer, founder & CEO of the eco-friendly brand Indigo Swimwear, whose statement is clear and strong as bold capital letters: "We believe in supporting the oceans in which our swimwear is made to swim! Our aim is to save our oceans one bikini at a time."

These amazing bathing suits, created in Southern California and ethically manufactured in Bali, are characterized by modern, flirty and tropical design. Unique prints, sensual cuts, frills and strips meet one-pieces, bikini and bottoms, in order to embrace women’s beautiful curves in style.

Indigo Swimwear uses only premium quality fabrics made with ECONYL® yarn and is 100% regenerated nylon processed from old fishing nets and ocean waste.

Sustainability means also the choice of eco-friendly materials destined to product hangtags, drawstring bags, thank you cards and packaging.

This brand is partnered with R.O.L.E. Foundation (acronym for River, Ocean, Land and Ecology), a community environment and skills centre, with the aim of supporting beach clean-ups by donating a percentage of the product manufactured to the association. And there’s also an active initiative of beach clean-ups in California by helping the Surfrider Foundation with a percentage of each swimwear item price purchased by Indigo Babes.

And talking about beautiful babes, in exclusive for our Rebel Femme readers, here’s a sneak peek of the new summer collection, called ‘The Floral Reef’, which is launching May 4th!

In the meanwhile, you can digit, choose your favourite bathing suit and apply the discount code REBELFEMME for a 15% off at the checkout!

Ethical consumption + slow fashion + focus on 100% zero waste + encouragement to sustainable change. These are the core objectives of the eco-friendly swimwear and fashion brand emroce, founded by New Zealander Emma Churchill. The designer shares with Rebel Femme readers heartfelt words, with the aim of raising social awareness: ’Usually 15 to 30% of the fabric is wasted in the cutting room. At emroce we cut our zero waste swimwear from tessellating patterns. We focus on getting all pieces to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle so that no fabric is thrown away. This method saves us time and money and we would like it to go on to inspire fast fashion houses. We use Renew Prime 65% recycled Econyl nylon, 35% elastane. Everything is handmade by us and we love what we do.'

Emroce swimwear designs are timeless, surf-friendly, contemporary vintage, ensured by a perfect fit and expressed by basic one-piece bathing suits, high rise bikini bottoms, smartly cut bikini and tops. For the brand, less is more, where more is definitely equal to quality, at 360°.

in the city of Como, Italy, where the company is located, high-quality recycled fabrics are selected and used to create smart and functional swimsuit products (and more).

Every part of the emroce design process is sustainable: pattern making recycled paper collected from local supermarkets, conscious research and choice of raw materials consumption and manufacturing, a slight strip of fabric used to attach hang tags, brown paper bag packaging closed with metal staples. For the future, this company is making effort to find better solutions for raw materials and fabrics, in order to make every more eco-friendly.

A beautiful project created by conscious women, designed for conscious, beautiful women who love quality products made to last, for the sustainability and care of the future.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out, select your next swimwear item and don’t forget to add discount code FEMMEMROCE, for a %15 of the price!

Launched in September 2018, UBU Swimwear lays its foundations on ethic, care and support. In the inspiring words of Founder Paula Kenneally:‘UBU Swimwear is a sustainable swimwear brand that is fashionable, functional, ethically-made and kind to the environment. Our eco-friendly swimwear is made from recycled materials and is proudly and fairly made in Bali in a small, family-run factory. Our mission is to show that by consciously shopping, fashion can have massive positive impacts - not just for the women who wear our swimwear but for all the people who work to make them, the wider community and the environment. Learn more on our Giving Back page on our website.’

Bright colours, beautiful prints nicely meet incredible modern timeless style, effortless appeal. There’s a wide choice of products, ranging from mix &match tops and bottoms plus one-pieces, most of which are reversible, to ‘4Ocean’ bracelets, Turkish towels made from 100% Turkish Cotton and also BOE organic bikini and delicates wash. Ubu Swimwear items are entirely ethically manufactured in-house, using Carvico Vita, which is high-quality eco-friendly fabric, which performs the best durability, body support, resistance to chlorine, sun creams and oils, and the highest UV protection.

As a socially responsible brand, UBU Swimwear is firmly partnered with BIG Against Breast Cancer non-profit organization, supported by donating a percentage of the purchased items price, and with 4Ocean, the global movement with the mission of cleaning up the beautiful oceans, where each sold bracelet represents 1 pound of trash taken from the ocean.

Let’s help the environment and the research, in fashion! Visit now and use code UBUREBEL15 for 15% discount on your eco-friendly purchase.

Photos provided by: Undersea Bikini, Indigo Swimwear, emroce, UBU Swimwear


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