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Have you ever dreamed of postcard-like spectacular places? The world is full of incredible spots like Maldives, Australia, and Mexico. But Mother Nature gifted humanity with a dreamy magic land located between Java and Lombok island: Bali. The island represents the perfect geography of paradise on earth. No wonder why it's is called the Island Of The Gods. Its strong religious spirituality blends with thousands of temples. There are many incredible, Indonesian destinations not to be missed such as Denpasar, Seminyak, Kuta, and more. Fasten your seat belts because you are about to live the most incredible experience in Ubud and its surroundings. Follow me on this adventurous and spiritual itinerary.

1_ Wisata Air Terjun Kanto Lampo

The Kanto Lampo waterfalls are a hidden gem located in the Kelod Kangin Hamlet, Beng village in Gianyar, in the north area of Ubud. Even if this isn't one of the most famous waterfalls, this incredible spot is a must-see. Arrive early in the morning so you can dive into the natural springs, climb rocky cliffs, surrounded by stunning green vegetation kissed by the sun and enjoy this gift from Mother Nature.

Incredible waterfalls, Kanto Lampo, Bali, Indonesia
Wiki: Kanto Lampo - Lamacchiacosta - Bali, Indonesia

2_Pura Gunung Lebah Tjampuhan

Pura Gunung Lebah is a famous temple dedicated to the deified founding ancestors of Ubud, dating back to the 8th century. It is located at Jalan Raya Ubud main road and has free entry, so please be mindful of the proper dress code. Surrounded by bamboo forests,  this peaceful temple is constituted by three courtyards, goddesses statues, wrapping sarongs, different shrines, resting pavilions for pilgrims, and open spaces for dance performances. It represents the perfect place to restore your soul whether in prayer or just simply looking at other people in a meditative state. A unique experience not to be missed.

 Pura Gunung Lebah, Bali, Indonesia
Wiki: Pura Gunung Lebah - Arabsalam - Bali, Indonesia

3_ Saraswati Temple Ubud

Known as Ubud Water Palace, Pura Taman Saraswati temple is a magnificent Hindu sacred temple, where the Royal Family used to live,  situated in central Ubud. There is a vivid feeling of being in the centre of the world, where time stops, holding the beauty of Balinese traditions and cultural identity. Ubud Water Palace is a masterpiece of shrines, a eulogy to the beauty of architecture, tranquil water gardens and lotus pond, and you can take a walk inside the temple for free, but you must wear a sarong around your waist to pay respect to Balinese spirituality and local manners. Moreover, it hosts a typical Balinese dance show at night, a feast for your eyes. 

Beautiful view of Saraswati Palace, Bali, Indonesia
Flickr: Saraswati Palace - Colleen - Bali, Indonesia

4_ Tegalallang Rice Terrace

Bali means also stunning rice fields and Tegalallang Rice Terrace is definitely an amazing attraction. This location in the north of Ubud gifts everyone with a breathtaking view of three rice terraces in a luxuriant celebration of vegetation.  And don't worry, there are kiosks and cafes nearby if you want to take a break.

Beautiful Tegalallang Rice Terrace, Bali
Flickr: Tegalallang Rice Terrace - Aussie Assault

As a touristic location, Tegalallang Rice Terrace is perfect to capture your best moments in gorgeous pictures like the unique experience of being on a swing immersed in the jungle, hanging between two palm trees,  with a superb view over rice fields, valleys, tropical trees, and more.  This is a must-do experience, it will offer you a wonderful sense of adrenaline and freedom!

Amazing Bali Swing in Bali, Indonesia
Flickr: Bali Swing - Artem Beliaikin - Bali, Indonesia

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