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Couch Connections documentary by Cristoph Pehofer
'Couch Connections' documentary

I watched the incredible documentary Couch Connections by Christoph Pehofer and I couldn't help but write my review.

Here's the trailer.

“My mom always said -don’t talk to strangers-”

Yes, everyone can relate to this parental advice.

Yes, this is (also) true.

But this documentary breaks these familiar words into million pieces.

Couch Connections is an incredible documentary directed, filmed, written, and edited by an amazing human being, Christoph Pehofer, who genuinely captured my attention from the title of this doc. And just got me glued on the screen until the end.

I still didn’t have the chance to experience Couchsurfing yet, but as a traveler with a curious mind and open heart, I will definitely do it soon.

With his genuine smile, big curious eyes, and soul + open mind and heart, Christoph traveled for a 9-months trip around the world, showing the most beautiful landscapes, and thanks to Couchsurfing, he focused on the most incredible landscape of all: humanity of a perfect stranger who welcomes a person like him into his/her private space and shows the beauty of a different culture, the beauty of inter:connections.

What makes Couch Connections wonderful is the genuine will to show the true colors of the world, highlighting equality, sharing of experiences, exchange + blend of cultural backgrounds, the establishment of new connections and friendships.

What a simple couch can do!

Yes, those mum’s words are still and will always be valid, but Christoph’s adventures from nation to nation show how powerful and life-changing is to take a leap into the beautiful unknown, just one small step out of comfort zone and stupid prejudices.

To paint the real meaning of humanity and equality with the most fantastic colors, just by using the color hues that belong to the heart.

Thank you Christoph Pehofer, you got me very emotional!

In times like these, we need more people like him. We need more humanity, more heart because we are all inter:connected.

Christoph, you got me emotional especially with this closing thought:

“…It is the openness that gives you the key to open doors around the world”.

So deep, so intense.

Whoever is reading my words, please watch this brilliant documentary.

Let’s travel. More and more.

Let’s be open to sharing new experiences (always remembering mum’s words).

Let’s break down barriers.

Let’s embrace the beauty of diversity and transform it into synonymous with equality.

Let’s build new bridges of inter:connection.

Let’s go (back) to human.

Watch the documentary on Amazon Prime video or by purchasing the dvd now here.

Follow Couch Connections on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

Photo and video credits: Couch Connections account, Facebook + Youtube

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