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Postcards from the wonderful city of Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay - Marina Bay Sands

The Lion City.

The Garden city.

The Red Dot.

The Crossroads of the Orient.

All these names refer to one location: Singapore.

One of the most amazing cities in South-East Asia.

The Republic of Singapore is a sovereign and democratic state, which has become an independent nation after its separation from Malaysia, in 1965.

A multicultural blend of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Western human beings living in this exciting developed, western-like, well-organized city.

Warm atmosphere, colours, clean streets, avant-garde architecture, art, respect for nature, welcoming educated people, well-functioning public transport system, delicious food, high street shopping, and so much more.

A melting pot of different and unique districts, each one with its particular atmosphere and colours.

Having a few days here is difficult because everywhere you look around, there's an interesting spot ready to inspire your eyes. Thus, it's fundamental to explore all the best spots in this modern city-state. But, of course, feel free to get lost and enjoy the time while wandering around. Magic happens anyway.

Singapore's Changi Airport warmly welcomes you with a great sense of tranquillity, genuine smiley faces, art installations such as the famous Kinetic Rain, the world's largest kinetic art sculpture, and so much more.

The transport system is perfectly functioning, but the decision goes to take a taxi.

It means being lazy and comfortable while the driver takes you to your hotel (Swissotel The Stamford is a recommended, affordable 5* hotel decided as accommodation, close to the airport, perfect central position).

Eyes on the road, eyes up to the sky, while the wind gently kisses your face.

And then, suddenly, incredulous eyes on a jaw-dropping innovative building called Marina Bay Sands, a stunning architectural visual pleasure, perfect from every angle which it's seen.

Indeed, the first attraction is the Marina Bay Sands, the integrated resort fronting Marina Bay.

Marina Bay Sands , 'S', as spectacular Singapore
Marina Bay Sands

Not just an exclusive accommodation. But a 5* luxury experience, with three columns, dancing up to the sky and gently sloping to bow down to the harmonious art of feng shui, supporting the majestic ship-shaped structure on the 57th floor. This incredible rooftop embraces the world's largest rooftop Infinity Pool, the SkyPark Observation Deck, restaurants, and bars.

Don't worry if you cannot afford to swim at sky-level, you can simply enjoy the stunning 360-degree view of the Singapore skyline. Very recommended.

Marina Bay Sands, welcomes also a Casino, theatre shows, stores and more.

And talking about quality time at stores, it includes also the amazing shopping mall called The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. An incredible selection of exclusive stores, including the TWG Tea Salon and Boutique, the most luxurious tea brand in the world with over 800 unusual blends of the finest teas.

Do you want more? Well, near Marina Bay Sands you can also shop at the Louis Vuitton Marina Bay, a store on the water and the brand's first Island Maison.

Moreover, just by the complex, is located ArtScience Museum, with its superb lotus flower design of the building.

Another cool stop is at Orchard Road, in the central area, for some more shopping, such as Escentials.

Everything you can possibly desire is served on a golden plate.

Not so far from Marina Bay Sands, curious eyes meet one of the most stunning places on earth, Gardens by the Bay.

An incredible spectacular futuristic park featuring: the Supertree Grove, giant man-made tree structures embraced by the panoramic Skyway; the outdoor peaceful Garden; the unique Flower Dome with the world's largest selection of flowers from every corner of the planet, all gently inside this immense glass greenhouse; the Sun Pavillon; Art Sculptures creating a connection between humanity, creativity and nature; and the jaw-dropping view of the indoor vertical garden called Cloud Forest.

At night, Gardens by the Bay puts on its best dress and shines with the sublime light show, carrying you into another dimension, as if you were inside 'Avatar' movie colours and shades.

An unforgettable place, with unique colours and sustainable structure. One of a kind.

After the excitement of this impressive park, take a walk from the stunning waterside Clarke Quay to Merlion Park, where you can spend some quality time admiring the famous Merlion, the iconic statue of a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, watching the night incredible light show from Marina Bay Sands.

Besides the Chinese district of Chinatown, there's also Little India, an incredible spot where you can find nice shops, typical flavours, colonial buildings, full-coloured houses, temples, and precious atmospheres.

And then, the last attraction.

Please, stop and smell the flowers.

Singapore Botanic Gardens is a stunning collection of over 60,000 orchids, gingers, palms, and cycads. The colours of every type of flower, the peaceful atmosphere, the grace surrounding your whole body during a morning walk through the magical paths.

It's important to remember that this place has been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site and it also represents the world's largest orchid display.

A sublime sensation for your eyes.

It's really hard to leave this dynamic city because this beauty queen is cosmopolitan, sustainable, clean, avant-garde, and seriously inspiring.

A little piece of heart will stay here forever, and it will be having same Singapore's heartbeat.

Arrivederci (this word means 'goodbye' in Italian and it's definitely an emotional greeting)!

Photo credit: Alessandra Fanizzi

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