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I am Alessandra Fanizzi, born and raised in Southern Italy, Puglia, where my ancestral roots belong. 

On the road, I turned myself into a strong international spirit, instilled by infinite love for the world,

travels and different cultures.

Not only different roles mainly were performed in the fashion field in the past, in Italy and abroad,

but I also worked in the content writing dept for online magazines and more. With new paths to draw.

I consider myself a work in progress with an intense love for my passions, which are traveling, sharing human space with people from my homeland and from abroad, drawing, and writing about world destinations, arts, inspiring people, and more. 

Always cultivating inspiration.

'The eye has to travel', a quote by Diana Vreeland, represents the perfect statement that interweaves human spirit, arts, travels, words, design, fashion, cultures, music, undiscovered trends from every corner of the world, and more.

My heart, eyes, and brain are always genuinely, deeply curious, and hungry, attracted by the intriguing and appealing beauty of the world.

All is pure inspiration and connectionWe are one with all and every part of the whole.

The Universe majestically blends together the apparent diversity of each element on this Earth into the most wonderful story:

love + oneness + inter:connection.

Guided by these values, my mission is to connect + inspire, through this platform, to grow together in empathy.

I'm addressing you, Beautiful Soul who is reading this: let's get inspired and stay connected!




With Love,


Alessandra Fanizzi
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