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Photo credit: Linda Scuizzato ©

Hi! I am Alessandra Fanizzi, 

big curious eyes, ancestral roots belonging to my homeland Puglia, Southern Italy, and 

wild wings embracing my love for the world, travel, human beings, and cultures.

Through the years, I performed many roles in fashion, and also in the content writing dept for online magazines and more, but my soul craved change and evolution, to fully express myself as a human being.

Tourism drew the right new path for me, so I became a licensed Tour leader, working for a DMC in my amazing region Puglia.


With incoming and walking street food tours and more, I share the beauty of Apulian culture and land with worldwide travelers, with enthusiasm, empathy, kindness, and love, designing human connections that want to be remembered for a lifetime, as the travel itself.

Besides my beloved Italy, exploring the world is just my natural element. Visiting countries such as India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, USA, Australia, Spain, UK, Portugal, Sweden, France, Germany, and more made me a storyteller.


The Empathy blog is a wonderful luggage containing my love Language for Travels, Arts, and inspiring Human beings. Heart, eyes, and mind need to be always deeply curious and passionate about the beauty of the world, to become more conscious and feel alive.

Yes, as Diana Vreeland states: 

'The eye has to travel'.

Let's be inspired, inter:connected, and human!


With Love,


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