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Modern Flower Child accessories

Enter the world of nature.

Enter the world of pure magic.

Where mesmerizing Handmade Art is alive in its most precious form.

Let me introduce you to the incredible, special handmade jewellery created by Oregon-based artist Sarah Smith with her brand Modern Flower Child.

What’s unique about her creations is that each piece encases a natural landscape or organic set made with real dried flowers, seashells, foliage, pieces of bark, moss, grasses, leaves, and other organic elements picked up from nature.

Beautifully suspended in clear resin.

This amazing jewellery maker does all operations by herself, from picking up every single decoration and letting it accurately dry, from pouring resin, creating the perfect final shape to each creation, to giving it the final glossy finish.

Special requests can also be made from clients who have some elements or decorations and would like her to embed them into custom made accessories.

The result is one-of-a-kind: beautiful statement bangles with colourful daisies, forget-me-not, ferns, lavender and wheat composition, blooming flowers and petals encased with delicate leaves, small seashells laying on super fine sand, butterflies little garden, fun yellow lemon slices, and earrings that immortalize the beauty of tiny purple roses buds, necklace pendants with real feathers, organic natural landscapes encased, and so much more.

The beauty of this process requires up to two-three weeks due to the respect of the time towards each step required, and the female artist gives thanks to the wonders of nature, gifting us with enchanted landscapes, immersed in eternity and magic. Nature to literary wear forever.

I personally love all of these jewels that is impossible to pick up just one from the store.

And you, which handmade jewellery creation are you going to purchase, now that you’ve fallen in love like me?

Follow her Instagram account here

Photo credits by: Modern Flower Child


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