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D as donna (‘woman’, in Italian language).

D as Daniela Dallavalle.

D as designer.

D as Düsseldorf.

D as double soul.

D as (two) directional showroom.

Daniela Dallavalle is a creative, eclectic designer, with a disciplined German rigor and multichromatic explosivity of the Italian matrix.

A tireless woman who plays with universes in which fabrics, materials, patterns, colors, shapes, silhouettes blend together. Microcosms in harmonic contrasts create special synergies, tactile sensations, fluid emotions.

Daniela Dallavalle is the confident and delicate signature of a brand that produces fashion, accessories, textile, lifestyle, and more, born in the Italian land of Emilia-Romagna in the’80s, with a worldwide growing success as her ace in the hole.

With a unique and fundamental detail: the beauty of expressive freedom by a strong personality + energetic humanity.

This artist’s creative soul designs a multifaceted language, in order to enthusiastically express the quality of life moments and transmit the aes(h):et(h)ic sense through creations of every kind.

The keyword is to dress: dress human beings (or, rather, lovers, the brand clients), dress home and spaces, dress emotions.

In a crea(c)tive process connected with invisible threads, in which weft and warp intertwinings are soaked in the beauty, identity, authentic self-expression, art, love.

Thus, a reflection of Life itself.

And speaking of life and connections, we must use the torch of attention and light up family and union strength values, which are the other two key elements characterizing her company.

Over three production lines, including womenswear, menswear, and textile, that energetically come up beside each other and freely inflect each other into visual neologisms, disengaging themselves from trend signs, in order to follow the most complete visual exploration, inside:out.

The brand has recently presented Vedo e Scopro, a total look line of l’Armadio, the personal universe of Daniela Dallavalle, a symbol of high quality and sartorial aspect.

100% Made in Italy.

Created with heart, mind, and eyes that watch and discover hues of inner and outer beauty belonging to every woman. Aware, witty, free. Punto e basta!

A woman who rewrites a new dynamic visual grammar. ll punto si vede.

Pura al 100%.

An unconventional lover desirous to play and have fun with the clothing items from l’Armadio, creative alchemy of unexpected dresses and accessories winking at couture and street style, in a pop chromatic dance of patterns, colors, and contemporary graphics, to create different outfits in a mix&match of pure personality.

Experimentation, sense of urban fantasy, whimsical contemporary world flirting with traditional references.

And let to discover brand new worlds of self, and therefore, to express in a vibrant empathetic connection towards self conjugations.

The vital energy seeping from womenswear, menswear, and home collections is contained in Carpi headquarter, in Italy, named in a singular and dreamy way: La Baracca sul mare, where Daniela Dallavalle’s pulsing world comes to life, with reigning and sparkling artistic beauty.

6000 square meters of luminous contemporary structure, white avant-garde poetry kissing the ground and the sky, embracing devoted lovers and not. An architectural sustainable container of sharing, reception, and experiment:a(c)tion, in the name of art and culture, represented in all its most original and expressive forms.

To write new chapters.

To draw new horizons.

To live, with deep thinking.

To feel, with a pulsing heart.

To be, with an observer's eye.

To design a shared empathetic language.

That dresses body, home, and living space.

In a human connection with pure art.

Credits: Daniela Dellavalle

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