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Hungry for inspiration? Today's menu is served on a golden plate.

Discover more about fashion designer Simone Manojlovich.

Simone Manojlovich / Photo credit © Silvana Dogan

One name.

One story.

One universe moulded by infinite interconnected elements.

She graduated in fashion design at the School of Applied Art and Design Faculty of Textile Technology Zagreb in 2011, which gave her also the opportunity to showcase her collections at Fashion Week Zagreb.

In 2013, Simone completed her master's studies at Haute Future Fashion Academy, in Milan.

Simone Manojlovich is also the name of the clothing brand she founded.

An unconventional signature for her and for him.

Deconstruction, unconventionality, pure minimalism, and androgyny blend together to design a conceptual and artistic world.

Natural materials are the leitmotif of Simone Manojlovich fluid collections.

Like minimal architecture standing into space with subtle yet pure strength, each garment lives its own life, thus it becomes magic when combined with other different clothing items.

One mission.

No established rules. No clichés, nor lastest trends.

Style is a way of thinking, not just a way of dressing.

Style means being themselves with no compromise.

It becomes one with the wearers’ strong and conscious personality.

Towards a sense of freedom.

Pure attitude, ethic + aesthetic.

Take your time now, to be inspired by a deeper conversation with this talented fashion designer and human being first.

Hello Simone. When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a fashion designer? How did you get started?

Quite naturally from the early stage, I dreamt of becoming a fashion designer.

I would make drawings from the designs I had in my mind. Fashion has always been my first love. As a child, I loved to sew and make clothes from paper first. My journey started because of my passion for creating things. From an early age, I was passionate about the fashion world and art.

I think I got my creative and artistic side from my grandmother and my father. I grew up surrounded by books and art. I'm grateful for that. Everything else comes through a natural process.

There's a multifaceted world behind your mysterious eyes. What are your sources of inspiration?

My life. A way of living. Things that make your heartbeat. My personal experiences, emotions, and moods constantly affect my design. People who love and live fearlessly. Weak-minded people from another universe. Philosophy. Film. Art. Passion, euphoria, and emotions fill me.

Close your eyes now. Think about fashion, art, music, travel, books, or anything that you really love. Is there any particular moment that really moved you to tears? If yes, why?

Everything that impresses me. It is something that happens at another level, magically. Deep emotions. The intense expression cannot be explained in ordinary words. High spirits, verve.

What's your working process? Tell me about the most exciting part of your creative work.

It all comes very naturally. I don't really see it as a job but as life. This is a job I carry out with passion so it doesn't seem like a job. I am focused on every step. From the first sketches, which truly epitomize the brand, to the latest steps, focusing on colour and materials. There is constant research, and the process is as important as the product. A kaleidoscope of colours.

Clothing has a special meaning. What do you want to communicate with your clothing line?

The same spirit runs through everything I do. The atmosphere of a collection often reflects what's going on around me. Each piece is a new story. Every person needs to add his or her own personality. A designer must be open-minded.

I don't like fashion clichés. Individuality is key. A minimalist aesthetic. There's always a bit of rock'n'roll. But my focus is on conceptual value.

The lesson you've learned as a fashion designer.

Never let the fear of striking out get in your way. Only mistakes and failures open up space for great things and new horizons.

Your biggest accomplishment you feel proud of, Simone.

I have many. There were lots of nice moments. I remember my first show at Fashion Week Zagreb when Vogue Italia included my SS 14 "Silent" collection amongst the top 100 best collections in the world. My studies in Milan. The humanitarian fashion show "Life circle” at a fundraising event to support people affected by Alzheimer's disease. But the best will come very soon. More. And more to come.

Any new projects you are working on?

A vivid universe that is constantly evolving. It's a finished collection for Spring 2019. The new fashion ad campaign shot in London and Belgrade will debut soon. The collection for winter 2019 is already prepared, and I am very pleased to be having the collection ready in London. And in the future, the global market.

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom you feel to share with other fashion designers, creatives and human beings in general?

Trust your intuitions and be yourself as one. Courage! Never allow your environment to change what is originally in you. Books, books, more books! Modernity and innovation are related concepts.

As a human being first, which important values would you love to see (again) in this complex, fast world?

My human responses are always to be alerted to talent as a sense of uniqueness, it is the most important value.

I am not a fan of trivial, easily read concepts of people. This crazy consumerism makes us desire to please everyone, with no subtlety. Society has become a mass of people who look and act the same, where creativity is lost. I would like to see better creative connections between people from all over our planet, sharing abilities, sharing knowledge, embracing today's technology.

Big ideas. Love. Humanity. Kindness. We should value all these, every day. Finally, more respect for nature.

One last question. If you were a word, a quote, or a mantra, what would you be?

Being Simone is enough. When things need to be described the essence is lost.

And the essence is the magic password to unlock the beauty in this Universe.

Less is More.

And More is Amore (which means love, in the Italian language).

Thank you Simone for your inspiring world, work and words.

For more, visit Simone Manojlovich social platforms:


Photo credits: © Simone Manojlovich, Maja Riznic, Aleksandar Savic, Emanuel Manchy


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