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English text only / Article written for Stylvi Magazine

Every woman is beautiful in the way she dresses and how she appears.

Most importantly, there’s something to be reminded of and highlight: each female body is unique.

We got to embrace our curves, we should always honor the proportions and enhance them with the right style and the appropriate outfit, besides any seasonal trend.

In its uniqueness, each body silhouette falls under common body shape categories, which are: round (or apple shape), Triangle (or pear shape), inverted triangle, rectangular (or athletic), and hourglass.

Have you ever wondered what is your body shape?

Look yourself in the mirror, look at your body outline, and then focus on shoulders, bust, waist, and hips.

These body parts make the difference when it comes to recognizing what’s your body type.

Think about it for a moment. And if you are unsure about it, you can help yourself by measuring the aforementioned body parts with a measuring tape. It’s an easy game.

Are you curious to know more about proportions and the right style?

Here’s a smart guide you can use, to look even more wonderful daily. Guaranteed!

Round (or apple shape)

This body shape refers to a circle or an apple and is determined by broader shoulders, smaller or even hips, and no defined waistline.

Your focus should be on creating an illusional effect on the waist and avoiding creating attention on the shoulders area.

Opt for simple and loose-fitted tops, shirts, blouses, and jackets; high rise straight leg or wide-leg pants or jeans; loose-fit dresses, dresses with draped waistline details; knee-length pencil skirts.

Avoid body-conscious dresses, and any clothing item referring to a very tight or second-skin effect.

Round or apple body shape stylish tips Alessandra Fanizzi x StylVi Magazine
Round or apple body shape stylish tips

Triangle (or pear shape)

The triangle or pear-shaped silhouette is characterized by wider hips (and thighs), and a smaller torso, like the aforementioned fruit shape.

This body type requires to be styled by drawing attention to the upper part, emphasizing the shoulders and bust area, and minimizing the focus on the hips.

Welcome jackets with structured shoulders, a good push-up bra, close-fitted items that could focus on the waistline, bright colors, printed or draped tops, shirts, and blouses; created a layering effect by using wider collar styles, necklaces, accessories, or embellishments for neck and torso.

Complete the outfits by minimizing the broad hips area: yes to wearing darker color shades for the bottom part, avoid too tight, skinny pants or skirts.

Keep the lower body area simple for a more proportioned style.

Triangle or pear shape cool fashion ideas Alessandra Fanizzi x StylVI Magazine
Triangle or pear shape cool fashion ideas

Inverted triangle

Larger shoulders, smaller hips area, and undefined waist are the distinctive key traits regarding this body shape. So your focus has to be on the bottom part.

Minimize the upper body, by creating slim and long, draped, deep, or asymmetric neckline styles. Choose clothes that accentuate your hips area: A-line and flared skirts and dresses, straight-leg, wide-leg pants, bootcut or boyfriend jeans; long-fitted jackets with small details on the shoulders are welcome.

Inverted triangle body type top fashion choices Alessandra Fanizzi x StylVi Magazine
Inverted triangle body type top fashion choices

Rectangular (or athletic)

The reason behind this name is because shoulders, waist, and hips have mostly equal measurements. It’s fundamental to create the illusion of curves, so you should accentuate the waistline.

Wear wider, lower, and particularly designed neckline styles, plus mid-to high-rise pants and skirts. Belts and cuts on the waistline are essential for the rectangular type.

Create layering by adding flares and loose-fitted details on the upper and bottom parts, opt for soft fabrics, and avoid structured and straight clothing styles, to bring attention to the waist area.

Rectangular or athletic body types best outfits Alessandra Fanizzi x StylVi magazine
Best outifts for rectangular or athletic body types


This body type is described by an equal size of shoulders and hips and a well-defined waistline. It’s crucial to draw even more attention to the waist and keep the proportions balanced.

Keep your outfits simple with a fitted style, to create the immediate hourglass silhouette.

Create your outfits by wearing flattering and discrete neckline styles, fitted tops, shirts, and blouses; straight-, wide-leg and loose-fitted mid-rise pants (best without darts, pleats, and pockets); knee-or calf-length fitted skirts, dresses, jackets, and coats.

Hourglass body silhouettes top fashion clothing items Alessandra Fanizzi x StylVi Magazine
Hourglass body silhouettes top fashion clothing items

As you see, the secret to creating the best style for your body type is to determine the area to accentuate and the body parts to pull the attention away from.

Once you understand these key golden rules, you will have more fun styling your outfits.

Ps. And don’t forget to wear confidence and a gorgeous smile too! ;)


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Text by Alessandra Fanizzi

Photos licensed by CC Creative Commons



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