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English text only / Article written for Stylvi Magazine

Colour creates a visual impression immediately. Indeed, human psychology has always been connected to the chromatic world, as it has the power to recall emotions, express different messages, and deliver specific personality traits. When talking about fashion, and embracing even different meanings from the East to the West, colour is more than a seasonal trend you wear, it reveals a lot more because everything has a meaning.

Which colour do you love to wear, and why?

Keep reading, I will tell you what kind of personality are you.


This color is connected to sanctity, a celebration of life, and if you like to wear this colour in India, your personality shows a tendency to happiness and balance.

Westerns who wear this colour also like to show off creativity, energy, and sensationalism on the extremes.


This vibrant colour carries two unrelated meanings, in India and Western environments.

Wearing orange In India is crucial as it’s one of the most used colours, in terms of sanctity, courage and renunciation, and sacrifice.

When you wear this colour in the West instead, your personality expresses fun, joy, creativity, and warmth, enthusiasm, stimulation, determination, sexuality, freedom, sense of expression.


Wearing the colour red carries a positive meaning, from India to the West. In the Indian culture as on the Western side, when you wear red, you focus on intense and positive energy, action, dynamism, fierce strength.

While it’s also a symbol of prosperity, fertility, love, in the West, it also represents dynamism, passion, sensuality, pride, power, strength, and a sense of security.


In India, dresses gained popularity for weddings, they gained new symbolism—the colour began to signify purity and innocence, in addition to wealth. But also, when you wear this colour you want to express peace, calmness, truth, detachment, a sense of knowledge, and brightness.

In the Western world, white underlines purity, noble feelings, and will of change and it evokes virginity, holy spirituality, eternity, also creativity, and imagination.


Both in India and the Western culture, this colour is associated with nature, inspiration, happiness, and new beginnings.

When you choose to wear green, you psychologically like to gift your mind with harmony, and you love to express your good energy, sense of hope, growth, balance, and self-worth.


In India, if you wear blue, your personality is connected to a calm power, to a sense of sacred poetic infinity.

Like in the West, this kind of colour is a firm symbol of tranquility, stability, depth, sense of relaxation, and profound sensibility.


Black has a different meaning in India as much as in the Western culture. This colour is often associated with negativity, anger, evil, and is rarely worn because highlights the absence of good luck and happiness.

Influenced by the West the trends in India are changing. In the West, if you wear black, you are protecting your emotional space from the outside world.

Moreover, black symbolizes elegance, chic mystery, power, security, depth, rigour, provocation, rebellion, and sensuality.


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Text by Alessandra Fanizzi

Photos licensed by CC Creative Commons



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