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'La diversità rende unici', project

A union of expertise in total harmony.

A leitmotif that speaks about creative synergy.

A considerably aesth:et(h)ic work.

This is the project, called ‘Diversity Makes Us Unique’, coordinated by the image consultant Dina Pistillo with makeup artist Daiana Pistillo + couturier Carmine Tortorella + model Marica Gammarota.

From left: Dina Pistillo, Carmine Tortorella, Daiana Pistillo, Marica Gammarota.

Focus is addressed to an important theme, alopecia, pathology which manifests itself with a partial or total fall at a trichological level, affecting many women and men. Compared to the male sex, it created a far harder time within the feminine universe, that lives of the strong connection with her hair, symbol of personal identity. Still considered as a taboo, in the age of aesthetical obsession, alopecia, therefore, creates a destabilizing combination for women: hair loss = loss of self and her balance.

The aim of this project is to demolish prejudices generated from alopecia and to draw new outlines for a different and thus unique beauty.

Naked beauty, stripped of copious hair and pain.

Full beauty, that embraces total approval.

Real, authentic, inclusive beauty, strong in its contours.

Beauty goes beyond common and social stereotypes.

Beauty creates empowerment, a regenerated sense of strength, new aesth:et(h)ical coordinates.

alopecia beauty

For this project, under the eye of crea(c)tive direction of Dina, make-up artist Daiana has been inspired by researches that go deeper, from example models such as Melanie Gaydos and Jeana Turn and from associations like the Canadian one called ‘Henna Heals’.

Thus, she has created a unique make-up for the face of model Marica, choosing the most intense and luminous tones of purple that embrace light pink nuances for her eyes, blue and deep as the Mediterranean Sea.

As blue and powder pink are the colours that couturier Carmine has chosen to create her dress: the result is textile poetry which enhances contemporary femininity.

An elegant golden-toned cap with elaborate arabesque motives, embellish her head, lending the model pure strength and natural beauty.

Unique outlines drawn by the body shapes, the imperfections, unique as is a smile, a mole and facial features, they are all symbol of personal identity, and make every human being a perfect one, exactly as she is.

Unique, as is every pulsating soul, who decides to be and appear in full bloom, with no filters nor headscarves.

Unique, as is the beauty of diversity, the authentic and special one.

Alopecia beauty

Photo credits by: Dina Pistillo, Daiana Pistillo, Carmine Tortorella, Daniele De Iulio

Special thanks to Dina Pistillo

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