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The visual designer Nicola Moschetta
The visual designer Nicola Moschetta

Blue eyes like the colour of the sea, which represents the geography of curiosity, attention, and unrestrained creativity.

Eyes that can look within and beyond. Always.

A silently explosive soul, that is able to leave its/his mark.

His fingerprint, his identity.

The one belonging to Visual Designer + Artist Nicola Moschetta.

On the occasion of the creation of window displays and exhibition spaces made for the luxury outlet store Drestige, which just marked its first anniversary, located in the beautiful setting of Polignano A Mare (Ba), I had the great pleasure to chat with him, as well as being honoured, with my fantastic colleague Antonio, to collaborate with the Artist Nicola and his amazing visual designer assistant Cristina.

Visual designer Nicola Moschetta with his visual designer assistant Cristina Iavarone

Keep reading, and get inspired by his world.

Hi Nicola, how did your adventure in the visual merchandising start?

It started during my adolescence period. I followed the teaching of the master Morisco.

There's a multifaceted and eclectic world behind your blue eyes. What does inspire you and ignite your creativity?

What inspires me the most is linked to being able to work in an appropriate and exciting environment.

Which is your working method? What do you like the most of your job?

I want to summarize my answer with three adjectives: manipulative, decorative, operative.

Favourite designers/ artists.


Clothing and accessories possess a special meaning. What do you want to communicate with the window displays you create?

What I want to communicate is to bring and transmit my creativity and fantasy.

Nicola, describe yourself with three adjectives.

Egocentric, chameleonic, sensitive.

What is the message you want to share with other visual artists, creatives and other human beings in general?

Nicola is a continuous discovery, every time, every window, every particular.

All take shape.

All assume movement.

All generate soul and life.

Thus, in order to honour the Christmas spirit, he has created window displays for the store Drestige, which is pure Art. A journey within a journey.

In view of forthcoming holidays in such a different and particular year, the visual designer wanted to highlight the concept of family on the main window: iron and iron board, fully covered with paillettes, represent the symbols of getting ready for the "homemade" holiday, among relatives who gather to stay together but with 100% style and glamour.

A triumph of golden hues, blacks and reds, among velvets, silks, warm woven wools, applications and special gifts, under the illuminated red star, which warms the Christmas feeling.

Also for the entrance window, Nicola's creativity permeates the mannequins, whose faces paint themselves with red paillettes, and wearing a blend of clothes, between comfort and incredible aesthetic, tell an all Apulian story, thanks to the wonderful handmade luminarie (traditional lightning architectures)

The message is clear: warmth, sharing, beauty, sense of family.

Nicola's visual design bears the signature of eccentric eclecticism, weaving time periods, worlds, cultures, male and female codes, textures, colours, materials. Concept and stories with breathtaking beauty, and contrasting harmony.

Thus, the mannequins take shape and all clothing items, shoes, accessories and details pulse of life, as if they were moving, as if they were directly talking with the observer/client.

Because in reality, every single detail of the visual composition speaks and communicates important symbols, with precise focus immersed in depth.

The result?



Magic at its purest.

Visual (he)art pulsing of empathy.

Photo courtesy: Drestige, Nicola Moschetta

Visit the luxury outlet store Drestige, located in Via San Vito 65 A/B, 70044 Polignano A Mare (Ba)-Italy and you can continue the shopping experience on

For more information about Drestige journal and the article, please click here.

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