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The international retrospective 'David Bowie Is' finally in Bologna, Italy, for its only European date. Don't miss it!


David Bowie Is.

1 international exhibition

3 main showcase sections

5 touring years

12 cities hosting the retrospective

300 objects and more

1,000,000 visitors and more on a global scale

This impressive list highlights the real numbers related to the international success of the most-visited exhibition in V&A 165-year history, dedicated to the most influential music performer and style icon David Bowie.

It all started in 2013 at the V&A in London thanks to the curators Victoria Broackes and Geoffrey Marsh, who had exclusive access to the David Bowie Archive. The museum stated that Bowie himself was "very moved" by the visitors' great response to the exhibition.

After London, the showing tour continued to Toronto, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Chicago, Paris, Melbourne, Groningen.

The retrospective is currently showing at MAMbo, in the Italian city of Bologna, from July 14 to November 16, 2016.

And it's the only Italian and European date before heading to Tokyo, Barcelona, and lastly to New York.

So be sure not to miss it.

David Bowie Is explores the extraordinary career of the eclectic White Duke, inspired and influenced by a creative blend of art, fashion, and costume, design, music, cultural references, technology, theatre. And more.

On display over 300 objects, personal items, original costumes, handwritten lyrics, instruments, set designs, photographs, album artwork, and rare performance footage.

Three main sections showcase his incredible creative process: the early musical years of the young David Robert Jones; the pioneering unique performances, displaying his amazing approach to inspirations and influences, such as Surrealism, Brechtian theatre, avant-garde mime, German Expressionism, Japanese Kabuki; the celebration of key stage and film iconic performances.

The final part is represented by an amazing dark perfumed room, lit by signature concert tours and costumes show embellished with a chess board-like light installation.

Here's one of the most touching videos projected on one of the four walls of the room:

An explosion of music and colours, heaven for the senses.

David Bowie Is gifts you with emotion, joyful tears, and a thankful heart for this exclusive experience.

An unforgettable and inspiring journey.

Photography credit: Alessandra Fanizzi


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