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Real and deep eyes, as much as his beautiful soul.

Strong, curious heart and spirit, always looking for wonder, diversity, justice, and truth.

Stefano Lotumolo is an incredible young human being.

Born in 1987, Tuscan Roots and Wings into the world, plus many lives experienced.

After leaving his (un)safe haven in 2015, he begins his wonderful journey, on the streets of the world and within himself, towards a radical change, or rather a revolution.

Stefano Lotumolo

From Asia to Africa, living unique experiences also in many other nations around the globe, with a backpack and a seeking pulsing heart, constantly full of new dreams.

Thus, from the most appealing to the roughest, discovering the world in all its facets has led Stefano to the discovery of the Art of Photography, and then the writing, creating an infinite connection and new dimensions.

“Photography has enlightened my path, gifted me with different eyes to look at things from a new perspective, opened my heart and saved my soul" - Stefano Lotumolo

In 2018 he gives life to the photographic tour Its All About Love, by presenting his artworks around Italy to share different realities and generate a new human connection for a fairer world.

Photographs which I had the honor to admire with my own eyes, the same curious eyes that were captured by the pictures of the travels Stefano posted on a Facebook travel group.

Thanks to social platforms' right and genuine use, I met this amazing soul, full of vital, real, and pure energy.

These photographs really speak to the soul.

(Stop, and take your time to admire their intensity and real beauty.)

Its All About Love also represents the title of his first book, an autobiographical collection about travel and personal change.

Followed by the second book, an entirely photographic one, published in 2019, called Gli Occhi del Mondo (The eyes of the World).

Gli Occhi del Mondo, by Stefano Lotumolo

Through pictures and words, Stefano addresses all human beings with his Heart, with the passionate mission of conveying the strongest message: Love in its highest and truest way, respect for Life and to Life of every human being, equality and inclusion awareness, desire for brotherhood + inter:connection.

The strength of this mission is also embraced by his wonderful traveling and life companion Ludovica and by other beautiful souls with whom he creates and manages Radici Globali APS project (Global Roots, literally ) ex Africa Masterpiece Children, born in 2020, of which Stefano is president.

Radici Globali is an Association of Social Promotion with headquarters in Olbia, in the magical Sardinia, which aims to provide support to Maasai communities in Tanzania, with a special focus on female empowerment, child education, and social, sanitary, and qualitative development of populations in difficulties.

And many new projects in other parts of the world are already in the works.

Radici Globali ASP wonderful logo
Radici Globali logo

A few months after the birth of Radici Globali, Stefano Lotumolo decides to immerse himself in a new adventure: walking by himself, in absolute silence, from the city of Assisi (city situated in the region of Umbria, Central Italy) to Riace (a town located in the region of Calabria, Southern Italy).

To give a letter to Mimmo Lucano.

An intense fil rouge that connects Assisi, the famous land of Saint Francis, the symbol of respect for every living creature, to Riace, a town that has become a model of migrants' hospitality, integration, and inclusion. And above all, a model of hope, thanks to the great-hearted ex-major of Riace Mimmo.

Linking all the souls of Tanzania and the whole world.

More than 900 km walk.

34 days total.

A journey that brings to an inner search of self, kilometer after kilometer, with the extraordinary strength of its message. A journey that changes life.

A journey within a journey that becomes a book, Il Cammino del Bene (The Walk of Good).

In the words of Stefano:

“In a society in which communication is at its maximum speed, embarking on a silent walk represents a way to reflect and to make people reflect on what we are losing. First of all, the sound of our footsteps, but also the awareness that we can live in a light way, with a backpack and absolute essentials, because walking is a methaphor of life, after all. […] Silence is a way to go deeper inside my soul. Silence to listen others, without being in the spotlight."

“I cherish the hope to give courage to other souls, and to be an example for them, in order to follow uncertainty, exactly as I'm doing right now. I'd like this story to become an hymn to uncertainty, which instills the importance not to have a future entirely written in advance, because life is now, not tomorrow. Each one of us is within his/her own path, the choices we make on a daily basis, and all the words that we use every day determine who we want to be."

Stefano Lotumolo during his walking towards the town of Riace, Calabria, Italy.

With perseverance and determination, Stefano states:

“I believe that a fairer world is possible, only if we'll be honest with ourselves and others, if we speak with the Heart, if we live pursuing balance, respecting Mother Nature and all Creatures living on this Earth."

Step by step, despite the difficulties of an ongoing pandemic.

Without a physical preparation, without certainties, without knowing the streets to take, not even the accommodations where to stop.

But with infinite enthusiasm and light in his eyes and heart.

Straight to the meeting with Mimmo Lucano in Riace.

Through mountains, hills, woods, hard and dangerous roads, touching the beloved sea coasts, on his way towards himself and all human beings, on a full listening mode.

In an aware silence that goes beyond a world that shouts and often has nothing to say, but hate and indifference.

A silence that speaks more than many, too many words which only generate pollution.

A silence that is full of Love and limitless Faith, towards himself, all creatures, and Universal stream.

A silence whose echo goes beyond space and time, always marked by the Heart's action, the other main character of the book.

Stefano Lotumolo, Il Cammino del Bene, ph. Alessandro Scerbo
Stefano Lotumolo, ph. Alessandro Scerbo

Just like all the books, this one comes in a precise moment, not just a personal one, but also on a global level, given the delicate as well as the absurd historical period we are all living in.

Stefano collects all his thoughts and words, with no filters, and boundless humility that ignites the spirit and touches the heart.

Silence stayed with him, and with me too.

In a (un)conscious way, his silence has generated my silence, as well as the desire to embrace questions and limits, to celebrate uncertainty, aiming at the focus and the meaning of personal (life) walk/path.

The book touches the soul, page after page, one step after another, to the town of Riace.

It caresses, embraces, asks real questions to conscience, demolishes all empty prejudices that often bring humanity into the awful depths.

Il Cammino del Bene really warms up the ways of the heart.

And Stefano is the real messenger of pure love.

Stefano Lotumolo, Mimmo Lucano and the kids, in Riace, Calabria, Italy.
Stefano Lotumolo, Mimmo Lucano and the kids, in Riace

Diving into the pages and walking within Stefano's thoughts, the wonderful main character clearly comes to life: welcoming hospitality.

Towards beauty of uncertainty,

towards every living creature,

towards faith generating faith, despite the difficulties on the road and in life,

towards triumph over personal limits and mental barriers,

towards awareness of being Humans,

towards willpower of a humanity that could see beyond and recognize reality,

towards equal life to live,

towards personal and global growth,

towards inter:connection to the self and every single person, overcoming false differences,

towards total respect, love, and peace.

Towards Good.

"We need love, the words hospitality and reception don't have to scare us, because the world is a spinning wheel that runs continously, keeping its unpredictability alive; we must welcome a global vision of society, that doesn't makes a dinstinction between skin colors, or sexual horientation, a place where difference can become a strong focus point in order to progress towards real equality."

We do really need to shake minds, beyond the unpleasantness of prejudices, and above all, we need to put the beating heart first, serving ourselves and others.

We need understanding and pure empathy.

Now more than ever.

I strongly recommend the reading of Il Cammino del Bene, if you can read in the Italian language.

Moreover, by purchasing this book, 50% of the proceeds from this purchase will go to Radici Globali ASP, letting the association doing more good actions by helping human beings in difficulties with new sustainable projects.

P.S. If you can't read in the Italian language, you can still help Stefano and his projects to grow and become reality with charitable contributions.

What are you waiting for?

Visit now Stefano Lotumolo's website now and get your book or donate (or you could do both good actions)!

Special thanks to you, dear Stefano, for everything.

Thank you, from my heart to yours!

Discover Stefano Lotumolo's world:

Photo copyright and credits: Stefano Lotumolo


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