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POESIA SILENZIOSA 2021 textile artwork by Alessandra Belgrado
'Poesia silenziosa' ('Quiet poetry'), 2021 / textile artwork by Alessandra Belgrado

A quietly wonderful woman.

A sensitively precious soul.

A world that vibrates with art, threads, and feeling.

Into her hypnotic eyes, planets tinted with depth and poetry can be seen.

Behind her delicate discretion, there's an incredible embroidered universe, helped by her wise hands that create textile masterpieces.

Creations that draw mystery, beauty, fascination.

Textile art that touches the ways of the heart, always.

Alessandra Belgrado

Alessandra Belgrado loves to describe her art as The art of threads, the art of feeling, stating that:

Everything comes from inner research, shelter, therapy, discovery, and continuous transformation. Many weaknesses that gain strength and courage. An intimate and quiet dialogue between the visible and the invisible. A deep soul connection, even when unconsciously indivisible.
<<I met threads very early, I don't remember when, maybe I was born from a ball of threads. As a secret tangle made visible from time, from space and a desire of air.>>

'Libertà' ('Freedom'), 2021 / 'Invisibile' ('Invisible'), 2020

Stitch after stitch.

Millimeter after millimeter of fabric.

The needle performs a rhythmic and silent dance, as a march within and outside itself, the Self.

As a march towards freedom.

Freedom of expression, of aesthetics, of moments crystallized into the very present.

12. Il mondo fluttuante, Utamaro a152 -2021 textile artwork by Alessandra Belgrado
'Il mondo fluttuante', Utamaro a152' ('The fluctuant world, Utamaro a152'), 2021

The result is the cre:a(c)tion of masterpieces that represent the reflection of self and the world we live in, made of apparent chaotic contrasts, which in reality, mee teach other, coexist, breathe together.

And create interconnection, where pure magic is dictated by a thread, which is nothing but Soul.

Because the Soul knows, directs.



'La mappa della sopravvivenza', textile artwork su lino, 2020,  Alessandra Belgrado
'La mappa della sopravvivenza' ('The map of survival'), textile artwork su lino, 2020

'Tutte le lettere che siamo', 2020 textile artwork by Alessandra Belgrado
'Tutte le lettere che siamo' ('All the letters we are'), 2020

Artist Alessandra Belgrado embraces the universe of feeling in all its most intense hues.

Organs such as eyes and hands, words, thoughts, details, objects, and much more become the absolute protagonists, embroidered on immaculate white canvas, with threads in colors such as liquid black and intense red.

Colors are chosen not by chance, because they do reinforce their meanings, articulating their power, and highlighting the importance of the poetry of feeling.

'Silenzio', 2020 / 'I segreti si sussurrano o si scrivono. Diario filosofico. La forma prodotta da un pensiero', 2020 textile artwork by Alessandra Belgrado
'Silenzio' ('Silence'), 2020 / 'I segreti si sussurrano o si scrivono. Diario filosofico. La forma prodotta da un pensiero' ('Secrets whisper or write each other. Philosophical diary. The shape created from a thought'), 2020

 'L'importanza del tempo', 2020 textile artwork by Alessandra Belgrado
'L'importanza del tempo' ('The importance of time'), 2020

As a modern Maria Lai, Alessandra Belgrado let seep art, fragility, desires, visions, contemporary sens:a(c)tions over fabrics' warp and weft, and over other surfaces in apparent contrast with the textile world.

'Trovarsi', 2020 textile artwork by Alessandra Belgrado
'Trovarsi' ('Finding yourself'), 2020

'You leave with the spasmodic pursuit of yourself

with all the difficulties of finding the right words and the appropriate connections,

so you decide to use simple ones,

but in reconnaissance,

there's all the complexity of a redundant world.

You find them, you find yourself.

It's from there that you can start to create

new, accessible, and intangible thoughts,

to finish at times inside that abstracts

as those invisible truths

that let reconcile yourself

with who you were,

with who you are not anymore

and with who you will be.'

Thread on paper, 2020

Above all, the artist creates the common thread that connects every single element, leaving room for consideration, leaving traces embroidered with genuine hope and love.

'La luna e il sole', 2021 textile artwork by Alessandra Belgrado
'La luna e il sole' ('The moon and the sun'), 2021

'Landscapes of skin with no boundaries. The moon and the sun, 2021

Who says that the moon and the sun never meet each other?'

Admiring Alessandra Belgrado's textile cre:a(c)tions, I think about writer Elena Bernabè's words, that draw cosmic substratum related to the act/art of sewing/feel:

'When you sew, you connect yourself to that very thin thread that belongs to the entire humanity and its mysteries. When you sew, you transform yourself into a spider that weaves its web, silently narrating all life secrets to the world. When you weave the threads, you weave together your thoughts, your emotions. And you connect yourself to the divine which is within you and holds into its hand the beginning of the thread.'

'Osservare', 2019 textile artwork by Alessandra Belgrado
'Osservare' ('Observe'), 2019

Thus, let's wrap ourselves in these incredible braidings.

Let's allow ourselves to come closer and closer to Art and embrace its poetry.

Art will always be our anchor and our shield against existent superficiality and cruel mediocrity.

Art will save us all.

Because all of us need this: FEELING WITH THE HEART (again) and connect each other in empathy with All.

Special thanks to Alessandra Belgrado and her special Soul.

Discover Alessandra Belgrado's textile art by visiting her website, Facebook page, and Instagram pages.

Photo copyright and credits: Alessandra Belgrado


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