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English text only / Article written for Rebel Femme Online Magazine


English writer Jane Austen wrote in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ novel: “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book! - When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.”

She was and is so right! Her words boldly inspire us to read more, and we promptly want to add new books to our bookshelf.

And we would love to do the same with your home libraries too.

Thus, our team picked for you the best brand new books, freshly released between March and April 2019. Be ready to hit the real or virtual bookshops!

Novels, memoirs and stories written by women about women characters, to read under the Spring sunshine, to entertain, move and inspire all of you, Rebel Women.

Day’s debut novel revolves around four interweaved characters living in the small town of Clearing, Oregon. The characters live a quiet life, through attempts and tribulations, until they begin to experience visions of their parallel realities, generating an alternate version of themselves.

The narrative weaves and quickly progresses through the pages, to conclude with an open end, with a hopeful future, still mined with difficulties, for these characters.

This mind-twisting novel is about blurring the boundaries between reality and alternate story, the choices we make that open the way to different life paths. If we make a certain choice, small or big,…Then, what would happen in our destinies? We would shape different stories, different points of view, different lives and emotions. A thought-provoking, engaging, quietly brilliant fiction that will blow your mind.

This book focuses on the meaning of modern feminism, through personal memoirs, stories, and issues related to women, in terms of social prejudices, gender inequality, misogyny, sexual assaults and female discrimination in the current era we are living. She explores her prior experiences, from her personal crisis to her own era of ignition, which led her to awaken her soul and become a women rights activist.

As a member of Time’s Up organization and #Metoo movement, plus writer, actress, and a director, Tamblyn delivers honest, deep, thought-provoking insights of public awareness regarding the role of contemporary women and the constant fight of the females' creatures against injustice and racist social patterns. Her passionate and courageous words in this book ignite every page to highlight, evaluate, educate, in the name of a better understanding, a better social quality, for a better and more equal future.

If you love dark-humour novels, then you will like this book by Butler, which is about the life of thirty-year-old female character living in New York City, who works as a temp job she hates, with coworkers she can’t stand. Full of internal rage, anxieties and insecurities, she attempts to change her monotonous life, trying to pull it together, also pushed by a social pattern of self-improvement formulas, but finishes repeating the same bad habits every day, staying in the frustration of modern life circle.

Many readers will love/hate her, but somehow will relate to her character, especially for her constant negative-positive-negative inner monologues and her trials to navigate through the awkwardness of modern life.

The female author highlights on the millennial burnout with clever, snarky, funny and honest tones, giving an interesting point of view on existential struggles of a modern woman and society.

A touching beautifully written memoir about the author’s childhood journey. After her parents' divorce, 5-year-old Meredith moves to California with her dysfunctional mother and younger brother, to live with her grandparents. As an answer to her chaotic family situation, the young girl gets closer to her grandfather, a beekeeper who produces honey in an old military bus in the yard.

Thanks to his love, to the working nature of bees and their exceptional little universe, she finally learns the meaning of connection, family, self-care.

Meredith May gives a deep, moving take on family, complicated and beautiful with its flaws at the same time, focusing on the teaching life+home lessons by this tiny ‘saviour’ insect, weaving together human life-bee life, in a bitter-sweet moving story of love, hope, despair, survival, knowledge, grace, interconnection.

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