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Welcome beautiful soul!

I am Alessandra Fanizzi, enthusiastic Tour leader and

 Travel + Arts + Humans + Words lover.

The geography of my heart has one mission:

to share the beauty of my homeland and of the world

with travelers and with you.

Tours, Empathy blog, and Travel Postcards outline the wonderful luggage containing my love language for all of it, because we need

more inspiration, more consciousness, more real connection,

to feel alive and stay human.

 Let's feed eyes, soul, and mind.

Join my journey.


Angela, Canada 
"Our tour with Alessandra was exceptional !! It was a pleasure learning about the culture and we appreciated Alessandra’s passion . This tour was very inspirational ! I recommend that other travellers do this amazing tour or you will miss out on important cultural information . All the food we tasted was equally exceptional and we enjoyed every bite !!! Thank you for this amazing , most memorable experience!!"

Travel adventures, art projects, stories of inspiring humans from around the world, and more.

Articles written to inspire you.

From my heart to yours.

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Let's travel together, in my homeland and the world!

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