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English text only / Article written for Rebel Femme Online Magazine


During the second day at Milan Fashion Week, Italian fashion designer Vivetta Ponti showcased her latest Fall 2019-20 womenswear collection, opening the doors to her fantasy unique doll’s house.

The woman behind the brand Vivetta, founded in 2009 and recently subject of a licensing agreement with Gilmar Group, is a constant surprise when it comes to inspiration and clothing.

The contemporary brand has stayed true to its original vision: unconventionality, femininity, frivolity, nostalgia, contemporary with a twist. And this A/W 19 collection displayed the full force of all these elements.

Palazzo Clerici as the location for her eccentric dollhouse welcomed us all, and we enjoyed the atmosphere!

It looked like a cabinet of curiosities, where unique doll-like outfits were exhibited over a catchy fashion show soundtrack.

A strong feeling of 50’s nostalgia was mixed with fun, irony, bon-ton, and vintage witty aspects. And a light-hearted sense of frivolous feminine chic stole the show and inspired us to look differently old grandma sofa or those opulent vintage interiors.

New flower upholstery prints, ruffles, maxi bows, floral and pearl embellishments embraced patchwork, layers, modern damask tapestry fabrics, transparent tulle, velvet, teddy bears on oversize jackets, silk duchess tufted sofa-like quilted outerwear, and contemporary knitwear.

We felt this playful exaggeration also looking at the unconventional details: Vivetta signature red nail polish revisited on leather gloves, small mirror elements as decoration on feminine dresses, crystal chandeliers as earrings, new vintage bags. Oh, and the surreal hats.

Vivetta reimagined the ‘straw hat with built-in sunglasses’ in a modern way, showcasing these 50’s inspired wide curved brim hats with pearl and velvet bow decorations. So fun and chic!

Colours are always a must for the Italian brand, and for her latest collection, there was a parade of bright pastel colours, reds, electric blues, whites, and blacks.

Alright, even if this could be too much, we must give credit to Vivetta because she wants us to have fun, to play with irony and not to take ourselves too seriously.

Being a rebel woman means this, too!

Photo provided by: NOWFASHION, WWD.


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