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Soft Architecture


Rational and sinuous skyscrapers, perfect geometries mixed with dynamism and subtle austerity.

Minimal aspects embrace precise softnesses, between modern architectures and layered transparencies, X-rays-examined soft folds and clear lines. Precise silhouettes draw a new aesthetic language. Stealing unexpected tech decorations of computer keyboard keys, through flashes of light reflected from plastic transparency and light games of fringes in movement. An apparent severe eclecticism.

Noble and rich fabrics, yet delicate and soft, almost fragile, create vibrant shapes and volumes, balanced unpredictable and feminine outfits.

A precise chromatic palette of intense black, night blue, sweetened by baby blue and powder pink.

Story of a new, sophisticated, sharp, and minimal appeal, for the woman who knows how to stand out.

For the contemporary sweet urban muse.

Photo credit: ©Andrea Rossi
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