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Re:shape me


Chaos. Paradox. Non-sense. Fantasy. 

Playful improvisation, flux of creative thoughts, a joyful yet confused mind universe transforms itself into a brand new shape.

Re:shape. And then create a new sense of freedom.

Changing the skin starting from the dress, a continuous thread that connects body and soul.

A (sub)conscious poetry called hand fabric manipulation.

To create new geographies and types of finishing.

Matte, plastic, soft effects. Feminine silhouettes blended with unusual shapes.

Dense and vibrant chromatisms play with velvet, wool, jersey, nylon, silk, plus feathers and leather applications.

Balanced contrasts reign beautifully in the chaotic fantasy:land. 

Where the modern woman walks and wanders curiously, with determination and energy.

Towards a sense of freedom.

Photo credit: ©Andrea Rossi
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