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Discover her stunning photography capturing the beauty and essence of nature.

Isabel Nicolau, La Paz, Mexico

Curious eyes.

Adventurous heart.

Wonderful soul.

Feminine active energy.

Pure Mexican blood.


Isabel Nicolau is an incredible traveler photographer with a special mission: showing the beauty of precious Mother Nature and the interconnection among every single element.

Nothing is self-sufficient alone. Every living matter has a specific role, from the sun's energy to the air we all breathe, and the water for thirsty earth soils.


We are all interconnected. There’s no separation.

We are one with Nature, and there’s a delicate yet fragile balance on earth we have to protect and respect in every single way.


Depths of the blue ocean waves, erupting energizing volcanoes.

Night skies scattered with bright stars.

Dunes in the deserts kissed by gentle air and warm sun.

Majestic waterfalls immersed in the wild green forests.

Free animal species living in their precious environment.


More than incredible photographs of mesmerizing natural landscapes from the world.

Through her lens, Isabel highlights this essential connection of everything.

With pure Love.

Isabel Nicolau, Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

My empathetic heart and eyes discovered Isabel Nicolau’s photographs on Instagram, and I cried tears of joy when I stared at her incredible art. They spoke to me and triggered me something deep.

I felt like such a small human being compared to the majestic beauty of Mother Nature and the powerful message She holds.

I felt so much expansion in my soul that I needed to share her deep work and my interview with you.


Hi Isabel, thank you for your precious time. It’s an honor for me to have this empathy interview with you. Please, tell us about you and your world, dear soul.

Thank you so much for inviting me to do this. I feel honored.

I'm 28 years old and I'm a Nature explorer and traveler enthusiast. Through my work, I try to share the conversations and information Nature has to tell us like all the beauty and mystery of life.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a photographer and how did it all start?

I didn't. I felt the need to explore the world to be out in Nature, I had a camera with me because at the time photography was a way to share this experience and what Earth was telling me. I felt that making art with Nature was the best way I could express myself about everything I was seeing.

Volcán de Fuego, Guatemala

Tulum beach, Mexico

Your photographs are a stunning, pure form of Art, representing Mother Nature in all its Beauty. What moment do you love when you are in the process of shooting a photo?

 I love the challenge that every picture represents, the story behind the clic. Usually, it is months of preparation, airplanes, highways, lots of walking, different languages and cultures, altitude, being away from home, and entering landscapes that your mind cannot believe are happening.

As an explorer, you traveled to Costa Rica, Iceland, Jordan, Mexico, the US, and many more sites. Which are your favorite countries and why? Would you like to describe them to us?

 It is really difficult to choose but maybe Costa Rica and Iceland, because of the people, they are in love with Nature and they respect every single part of it. These two countries are the ones that from my point of view are the rawest experiences.

Waterfall, Costa Rica

Stokksnes beach, Iceland

Immerse yourself in a virtual journey to Iceland with Isabel! Take a moment to experience the Icelandic majestic beauty.

Close your eyes for a second. What are the moments or the events lived in your life that will be forever with you in your heart?

Well, swimming with a great white shark in Mexico has been my favorite moment. It was the first time I felt a clear communication with Nature and Earth.

And probably being lost in the forest of Oregon.

White shark, Mexico

Choose four adjectives that describe you as a human being.

Sensitive, creative, adventurer, and determined.

What inspires you more than anything else in life?

Life itself is inspiring; you can create anything you want.

For me, everything is about inter:connection + inspiration + empathy + love. But nowadays, sometimes we experience unhealthy cynicism. What do you think and feel, as human beings, should be more conscious about and what would be the right path to live a better present and future?

 I think that if we could only see the Earth as a reflection of ourselves and learn to love Her the same way She loves us, I’m 100% sure that we wouldn't treat Her the way we do and the most important thing, She is willing to help us in our transformation we just need to let Her enter to our hearts and be touched by Her infinite love.

Cenote Suytun, Mexico

Nature is alive.

She listens and watches everything happening.

She has so much to teach us. Good and bad.

We must open our minds and souls and be aware of it before it’s too late.

Planet Earth will continue to survive, so it’s our responsibility to contribute and be present with the world’s magic.

Our world is a miracle.

Please let’s take care of it.

With love and kindness.



Thank you Isabel for sharing your Photography Art and gifting us with this important and current message.



Explore Isabel Nicolau’s world and follow her traveling journey:


Photo copyright and credits: Isabel Nicolau ©


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