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Fil Rouge


A new order of geometries to find a harmonious synthesis in a complex world.

Vernon Ponton and Philip Grass sinuous and graphic chairs flirt with Andrè Courrèges silhouettes from the Sixties, with the sensual photography of David Seidner and Japanese Torii gateway.

Less is More. 

Clean lines, repeated and geometric shapes, and sartorial cuts.

In order to create new anatomy, melting past, present, and future in timeless looks.

Smooth surfaces. Soft and compact superagadir silk crèpe blends with cotton canvas.

Chromatisms recall Jap culture and design a precise line.

The rhythm of deep black, a source of mystery.

Milky white, a symbol of new and pure beginning.

Intense red, translator of demon expulsion and of good fortune.

Fil Rouge draws a continuous bloody graphism, to express passion, strength, mystery, vitality, femininity, love.

Reflection a real woman, indeed.



Photo credit: ©Andrea Rossi
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