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Emotional Wave



The Universe interweaves the apparent contrast of nature, arts and crafts into a wonderful story of resemblance.

Ethic and aesthetic blended together.

Fitted and semi-fitted silhouettes draw the body, interweaving rigor and freedom.

Inspired from Wabi-Sabi Jap philosophy. 

Wabi is said to be defined as rustic simplicity, understated elegance.

Sabi is translated to taking pleasure in the imperfect.

Imperfection is the basic principle of this culture, imperfection is beauty.

Textured, rustic, smooth surfaces embrace the beauty of imperfectly unfinished organza hand made finishing.

Earth tones are interweaved with straws, feathers, hand-painted organic cotton.

Because there's a supreme connection between human being, nature, nature as art, art itself and the whole Universe.

A pure form of connecti:on.


Photo credit: ©Andrea Rossi
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