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Strength, human feelings, constant energy, fear, sense of sensuality, style, fashion, harmonious contrasts, masculine+feminine, classic+modern beauty, dreams, inner voyages, inside+out, empathy.

Bold outlines emphasize fabrics, silhouettes, shapes, simple or complex patterns. And flirt harmoniously with the viewer's eyes and heart. Because he:art and human+creative connections are essential like breathing oxygen.

To feel, to be inspired, alive, and in (e)motion.


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'Wings (holding rebirth in colors)' 2023

'Purple + orange (deep within, through e:motions)’ 2022

Mind/Heart (keep protecting the frequency) 2021

Mother Earth holding a lotus flower (yes, my beloved world, you’ll heal) 2020

Portrait of Piano Artist (oh, Felice your music incredible) 2020

F as Freedom (letters to self) 2019

Selfie (yes, it's an empatethic heart) 2018

Alchemical:Subconscious 2018

Heart:prism (the secret meaning and a hummingbird) 2018

The Fire:within 2018

Azzedine. The king of hearts 2018

Lines. Silk. Eyes. 2018

Green ribbon (Don't give up, honey) 2018

Woman, peonies and rebirth 2017

Lines (let's enjoy the wild unknown) 2018

Cerebral freedom (Ode to Jim Douglas Morrison) 2015

Silhouette (Moving:forward) 2018

Open:Up (undressing) 2017

Dream:land 2015

Off the mask (ode to Yoshji Yamamoto) 2015

Wonder:cut (stories about Freedom) 2017

Hands (breathe out) 2015

Calm chaos (a modern tale) 2016

Re:connection 2015

L.O.V.E. 2013

Eyes (look further) 2006

Black woman w/ white orchid 2013

The Rape of the Sabine Women 2006

In his arms 2013

Jon 2014

Eye (be curious) 2009

Introspection (Awakening Voyages) 2017

Electric Pulse (Feel) 2006

Woman with glove (look in-out-here) 2016

Entering Dreamland 2015

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